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Deb Petch

Authorised Celebrant

My business, 'Your Ceremony by Deb Petch', became reality in 2017.

Working with a family as they prepare to say goodbye to their loved ones is both an honour and a privilege.

I can help you work through this process with the least amount of stress and worry.

I believe a funeral service should be very personal and should celebrate and give meaning to the life lived.

Working with the bereaved family and friends is so important to ensure the ceremony is indicative of the life of the person.



Deb Petch

Lorraine Fielke

Authorised Celebrant

Lorraine has been a Funeral Celebrant since completing Funeral Celebrancy studies in 2003, along with Wedding and Naming Celebrant studies also around that time.

She began working with Leon Bradtke [OE Bradtke & Sons Funeral Directors] over many years and now has gained further insight and experience into the Funeral Industry since working with Warren Altschwager from Altschwager Family Funerals.

Lorraine mostly has graveside funerals, but with more folk being cremated, often has the Service in a hall or Club or at a special place by the river.  

Being a Christian, she offers prayers or Bible Readings as requested and enjoys helping with Eulogy or Tribute writing and choosing suitable poems about the deceased.

Although retired from Wedding and Naming Celebrant work, Lorraine still enjoys helping the bereaved through this difficult time and gains much from taking Funeral Services.



Lorraine Fielke

Kimberlee Murdoch

Authorised Celebrant

Hello. I'm Kimberlee. I am young, dynamic, creative and flexible.
I've  been an authorised marriage celebrant for almost 12 years.
I have also conducted memorial services, funerals and others ceremonies.

I work part time as an Assistant Funeral Director with Altschwager Family Funerals.

There are more similarities between weddings and funerals than many realise.

With my extensive experience writing and planning ceremonies I can help you design the most fitting send off for your loved one, as individual as the person whose life we are celebrating.

My special interest areas, as far as memorials go, are children (I am Mum to a medically complex child and thus far have conducted more services for children than adults) and Returned Service People (I am a member of our local RSL). 


Kimberlee Murdoch

Kerri  I'Anson

Funeral Director and Celebrant

Kerri is a compassionate Funeral Director and Celebrant who has been working in the funeral industry in the Riverland since 2013.

Beginning her career in a long established family owned funeral home, she was guided as a celebrant by two well known and respected Riverland Celebrants.

Kerri is easy to talk to, and will meet with you to help and guide you to choose the most fitting service for your loved one.

Kerri loves all aspects of the funeral industry - from transferring and caring for your loved one in our funeral home, arranging the funeral, conducting and being the celebrant.

When not working at Altschwager Family Funerals, she is a Registered Nurse at the Riverland General Hospital.





Kerri I'Anson

Kerri  Blaser

Authorised Celebrant

When you lose someone special, it is overwhelming, and quite often you don't really know where or how to even start processing such a loss, but being able to talk openly about it is a significant part of healing and finding peace.

My passion is to help you find comfort and support in honouring the life of a loved one.
I truly believe that without knowing the people we have loved...we would never be the humans we are today.

Let me help to guide you in finding your own way to honour their life and celebrate their living journey.

No-one can ever replace what you've lost - so let's remember them as the amazing individual that they were....and give them the farewell they deserve.



Greg Kalisch

Authorised Celebrant

Hi.  My name is Greg Kalisch, and I have been working as a Funeral Celebrant, for the last 7+ years.

I am based in the Riverland, however I have had experience in working in other parts of the state as I grew into serving as a Celebrant throughout this time.

I love living in the Riverland, being close to my family and friends, and our Mediterranean lifestyle!

I believe that it is always a privilege to be asked by a family to lead a Memorial / Celebration service.

My plan going into organising a funeral service is to meet the needs of the grieving family, with dignity and empathy, incorporating the wishes of their loved one.

Music is a special passion of mine.  I love the opportunity to discuss music needs &  your wishes with you as we put a service together.

My services are wide and diverse, from being inside a chapel, or a building of choice, or outdoors to a special place of choice.

I endeavour to incorporate any spiritual readings that your loved one may have wished for and I have respect for diversity.

Life’s journey creates all sorts of interesting chicanes in our race track, and many people weather them in different ways as we go along!

If there is any way I can help you in this time of need,  I am more than happy to have a conversation with you.

My contact details are 0413 906 807.  gregkalisch@hotmail.com


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