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The details of funeral planning

The Funeral or Memorial Service is an important step toward healing hearts and beginning the process of mending the rip in the social fabric that exists after someone dies.

During the initial meeting with the Funeral Director, you will be guided through the planning process. Clear answers will be provided to all your questions, and the director will share insights and experiences with you to assist with your decisions.

The following is an overview of the many aspects of service planning that will be discussed at the meeting.

If you have any questions about this information, don’t hesitate to call us.

Where should it be held?

Now that you have made the decision regarding burial versus cremation for your loved one, it is time to think about how you would like the service to look, and feel. It is an overall experience for everyone there; a testament to the life of someone you loved, and should illustrate the depth of your caring relationship.

Traditionally, a service is held in the family’s church, or in the chapel of the funeral home. But, in today’s world, you can choose to hold the service almost anywhere that is meaningful to you.

Perhaps there is a special place that your loved one would like to have their final goodbye? It could be on the riverbank under one of our lovely marquees, or in a favorite park; we’ve even seen services staged on the 18th hole of a golf course! Really, the choices are limited only by your imagination. You can choose a morning service, afternoon service or a twilight service.

(The funeral service is all about you and your loved one, not us, so we can guide and help you to bring your wishes in selecting the perfect location, and creating a memorable service).

Of course, this is where you can rely heavily on your Funeral Director to help you in selecting the perfect location, and creating a memorable service.

What day of the week and time of the day are best?

Naturally, the answers to this question depend on the location you’ve selected, and the schedules of those you wish to attend locally and interstate.

We also need to work around local newspaper close off dates and times.

There may be a coroner involved that can also delay a funeral.

Who will officiate the service?

You can choose to have a minister of your faith officiate the service, or a Funeral celebrant. For that matter, you can choose almost anyone who is comfortable with speaking in public, but we believe it should be someone who cares deeply about guiding those in attendance through the ceremony. The choice is always yours, but we suggest you select someone you know well, and trust.

We have a list of Celebrants on our register that you may like to consider.

There are other decisions too!

Actually, these are the decisions which really shape and personalise the service. For example, you will need to decide:

  • The content of tribute notices and the newspapers to advertise in. The Advertiser? The Murray Pioneer? The Loxton News?
  • The type and colour of flowers you would like to surround the casket or urn?
  • The type of music to be played – and specifically, what selections?
  • Will transport be provided, to and from the service for friends and family?
  • Will you have a time in the service where people can share memories of your loved one?
  • Will there be a traditional eulogy? And if so, who will present it?
  • If there is to be a burial, will it be private, or open to all attending the Service?
  • Are there close personal friends or business partners you would like to have service responsibilities?

If you’d like to learn more about any of the details involved in planning a funeral or memorial service for a loved one, call or email us.

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